Dabitch's day in Logotypes - a.k.a “Brand timeline portrait”

Dear Jane started it, oh yeah, it's all her fault that I sat here and tried to remember all the brands that I used today and made a timeline of it. Fora brief moment I tried to figure out if I could make a logo-tastic site where one could generate one of these timelines but I soon snapped out of it and just went ahead and photoshopped this little collection of possibly 'exotic' (to non-swedes that is) brands.
Check my timeline out inside.

Now, lets see if you can figure out what's me and what is my daughter. In some cases I couldn't find a logo and just used the item instead.

There might be a logo or two missing, of course, recalling all brands is much harder than it looks - for example I haven't added my bank's logo for the purchases I made after dinner, just the store and the only thing to keep my daughter happy when shopping for food - olive flavoured crisp bread. I know it seems weird but it's actually quite tasty.

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I'll do my best to keep track of anyone else doing this (if you link here, I'll find you) and update this post accordingly.