Exemplar - an exemplary typeface fresh out of the oven

Exemplar Pro is now available - a typeface that took a long time to get here, but good things come to those who wait.... Göran Söderström tells the story:

I had just finished my calligraphic studies when I made the first sketches of Exemplar in 1994. Inspired by the beauty and perfection of several typefaces and the art of calligraphy, I got started on my first attempts to create a new typeface. My goal was to create a typeface that was traditional yet unconventional, a balanced combination that felt both old and new. Respectful of the art of typography, I turned to history for inspiration and placed equal attention towards taking a step into the future. Two years later, the designs for both regular and italic versions were complete. A first attempt to make Exemplar a fully functional font took place in 1997. But years passed and a general lack of time needed forced the project into a deep sleep for about nine years. In the first days of 2006, Exemplar experienced its revival when Psy/Ops signed a distribution deal for the typeface.

Link to example-image

take a closer look at it on this pdf. Buy it now at the introductory price as it'll eventually rise somewhat.