Sexy sells everything, even TV shows about widows.

The other day I was surfing around unprotected (and could *gag* see banners, oh the horrors) when I stumbled upon a banner advertising Showtime's two big shows this season - Weeds and The Secret Diary of a call girl. Seems that the right thing to do in order to sell anything is pose sexy.

Silly me, of course it is, I should have tattooed Adlands URL on my chest years ago and tried to pose for Playboy to generate some buzz. I know you are all reading this because I actually have a chest, right? There can be no other reason for your interest in this here adblog.

(Banner smallified, click on it for full scale)

I get "the secret diary" being styled as a retro pinup shot, not that I have seen the show but I gather it's safe to assume there's quite a bit of sex and sexy going on in that show considering the topic. That's fine. It makes sense to pose Billie/Belle as a pinup even. Hell, stick her in a champagne glass like the sassy burlesque girls do it, (in fact it lends a bit of class to something that sounds like a show seen on a soft-porn channel) I don't care. Oh, that's right, they did.

But the the Weeds mother-of-threetwo? Lets see, the basic idea of the show is that a widowed housewife from an affluent California suburb finds that she has no other options to earn money, so she becomes an upper-middle-class marijuana dealer to make ends meet.

Oh yeah, it makes total sense to pin-up style that character. Except that it doesn't at all. Was this a get two art direction&photo sessions for the price of one deal?

The second season saw Showtime "perfume" ads with a "weed" scent - that makes sense.

Now If you'll excuse me, I need to take a bubble bath in a seven foot tall champagne glass and then slip into something more comfortable, like a corset and seven inch heels. Later I'll be lying on my belly typing all my daily posts, wiggling my heel-clad feet in the air and licking a long thin vanilla ice-cream. It's so hot in here I think I might have died. After my daughter comes home from preschool I'll teach her to pose like Farah Fawcett as really that's all she needs to know in life, right?