Daily Mail fakes "muslim uproar" over puppy in police hotline advert?

July 1st, the Daily Mail headlined an article Muslims outraged at police advert featuring cute puppy sitting in policeman's hat and explained in their article:

The advert has upset Muslims because dogs are considered ritually unclean and has sparked such anger that some shopkeepers in Dundee have refused to display the advert.

Come again?

The Courier has now debunked that story : Offensive puppy postcard claim dismissed

CLAIMS THAT a promotional police postcard featuring a puppy is offensive to members of the Islamic community have been dismissed by one of Dundee’s leading Muslims.
A storm of controversy erupted yesterday after a report in The Courier revealed that some members of the Islamic community have complained about the postcard.

Seems they've made a mountain out of a molehill. Sometimes a puppy on a poster is just a puppy on a poster.