ESPN - Bones , print Brazil


ESPN - Bones , print Brazil

They're working on the pun "it's in your bones", possibly? Or perhaps another idiom that I'm not familiar with. Either way it's very "huh?"

Agency website:

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Client/Product: ESPN
Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): Neogama/BBH, São Paulo, Brazil

Title: Bones
Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Gama

Creative Directors: Márcio Ribas, Wilson Mateos

Art Director: Daniel Prado

Copywriter: Patricia Leme

Photographer: Paulo Vainer

Illustrators: Roberto Jun, Bruno Mazzilli

Digital Retouch: Alexandre Calvin, Daniel Leão

Other Credits: Artist: Marco Di Giorgio

Ad type: 


Looks like high time that I state, for the record, despite the similarity of Neo and Neogama, I have nothing to do with this ad agency.

I'm just posting this comment as I'm on 666 brownie points and that can't be good! :)


You actually have an extra 2k points for kudos - but the points database is acting quirky after a security upgrade. See users by brownie points. Kudos motivation: "Extra points added for being an ad-obsessed adeater even in the heat of July."

Phew, I thought I'd been sent to Hell and was rushing to the mirror to check my head for the dreaded numbers!

The posters say EXPN, not S. Unless they spell S differently in Brazil.

A very early scroll of Revelation was recently found, showing that the actual original Number of the Beast is 616. So you're well past curse stage, Simon.

Several years ago, a Russian bus company changed its route 666 because of complaints about the number. They changed it to 616. Oh dear.

The major road A666 runs about a mile from my house.

I think that's part of the visual pun, eXtreme sports at ESPN...

I was never irrationally scared of numbers by my vehicles always have 544 in their registration digits. What does this mean?

544, the number of Dabitch?

*boum-tschkt!* Don't forget to tip your waiter. I should give out brownie points for puns.

Don't tempt me into making puns, I could lose my life to that! :)

Not that I particularly like puns (visual or copy); I do like clever word-play where necessary, but if I see another ad for something environmental that says, " won't cost the earth." I'll probably go on a killing spree.

I attended a Gaming Convention some time ago, and I was 10th in an adventure type game, that was all puns, and based on your ability to make up new puns. (One setup was: He was quietly cooking the bottoms of men's shoes, using a 2-pronged fork. 'Can you give me that fork so I can use it to open the door here?', she asked. "No," he replied, "These are the tines that fry men's soles").

At that same convention, my badge number was "666". I came in third in the finals for the "Nuclear War"** tournament, where everybody was annililated (I just survived long enough to set off enough missiles to annililate one other finalist - after my 'demise', then he survived long enough to set off missiles to kill off the final remaining player).

** A card/spinner game, with missiles, warheads, bombers, and super germs.

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