The D&AD Annual as designed by Neville Brody = hawt.


The D&AD Annual as designed by Neville Brody = hawt.


This is a sneak peek on the 2008 D&AD annual as designed by Neville Brody. See what he's done there? See the pencil shapes? So undeniably Brody, so perfectly D&AD themed. Don't you just want to lick it? Ok, fine, so tht's just me but the best design & advertising in the world will be immortalised with the publication of the D&AD Annual 2008 on the 18th of September. This book is themed ‘Digital vs Anti Digital’ and for the first time this year, all of the work will be published online, as well as in the iconic book.

D&AD President Simon Waterfall said, “The theme of 'Digital vs Anti Digital' represents the evolution of the digital industry. Clients and creatives are moving away from ‘Can we do this technically?’ to ‘Should we do this for the brand?’. Digital design today is more joined up, more integrated and more about brand behavior than bits and bytes - what a great time to be a part of this industry."

I don't know about you but I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on this book and run my fingers across the pencil-polygon pattern. And then lick it.


Ooh, can't wait. I wonder if what's in it will be as lush as the design? :)

I might never open it - don't have to if they put it all online!

That is indeed hawt.

Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbine? I should say so.

You mocking my choice of words there Neo?

Just a friendly jest my dear. In my head you do not have an American accent, you sound more like an eloquent Swedish chef. ;)

Ha! That's a contradiction. :)

I give you Morgan Freemans voice, to add drama to everything you say.

I think James Earl Jones would be better: "This... is ADLAND...". :-)
But knowing she is a relatively short redhead, with large boobage, the voice doesn't fit...

Clearly I have to have Joan Holloway's voice and understated venomous wit. ;P

I wonder if Joan (on Twitter) knows she's conversing with someone really in advertising (with redhair as well). [I've imagined that your voice would be in a slightly higher register than Joan's, probably with a slight accent (in English), that would allow knowledgeable people to identify you as having come from Sweden/Denmark/New York/San Fran!

I wonder if the fictional Salvatore Romano knows I want to be his faghag/art director assistant. :)

Y'all are weird. Everyone knows that I sound like the DISCLAIMER GUY! :P

hahahah! Now that makes for an interesting visual.

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