Diesel - worldwide Dirty 30 party - (2008) :30 (UK)


Diesel - worldwide Dirty 30 party - (2008) :30 (UK)

The Viral Factory and director Keith Schofield knock off SFW porn to create a viral for Diesel's "worldwide Dirty 30 party" in celebration of their 30 years of creating better ads than fashion. Note: there's "dressed" porn going on in this commercial. Good thing we no longer play with Paypal, huh?

Update: The Something Awful Forums - Diesel SFW XXX = Make Porn Work-Safe: THE MOVIE! SA forum kids who inspired this movie with their SFW porn habits got free upgrades from D

Client: Diesel
Product: XXX Event
Title: “S.F.W’ - “Safe for Work’
Media: Viral/Internet
Agency: The Viral Factory
Creative: The Viral Factory
Production Company: The Viral Factory
Director: Keith Schofield
Executive Producer: Ed Robinson
Producer: Jon Stopp
Seeding & digital media planning: The Viral Factory
Animation Company: Big Animal
Animation Director: Neil McFarland
Offline Editor: Rob Hill
Post Production House: Unit Post Production
Post Production Producer Tracey Khan
Audio Post Production: Unit Post Production
Senior Dubbing Mixer Kim Storey
Music Audio Network / Dominic Nunnsiesel.

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Might be a rip off, but it's damned entertaining.

And isn't this, in turn, a rip-off?

See here

If you'd read the original comments on the idea you've quoted you'd see that it's as old as the Internet anyway. :D

Must have been a laugh putting it together and it so works for Diesel. But, where's the knob gag? :D

Does anyone know if the Viral Factory was the lead creative agency on this project?

It's all a massive knob gag! Hurrah!

They credited themselves as the only agency when they submitted this.

And the comment to your link reads" stolen images from a website featuring work-safe porn..." which is swf-porn.com Guys! I mention swf-porn in the post! What does a girl have to do around here to get read? *flashes tits*

Just let me get my glasses.

Glasses? Perv! *acts insulted*

I merely meant, your majesty, dark glasses to protect my sensitive and unworthy eyes from the radiance of your beauty. *legs it*

Yeah I know that, but I was pointing out that the idea is old and it's not from adsoftheworld that it's ripped from, but from swf-porn.com - using a Flickr page just means it's a little more safe for work :)

Nice tits btw :D

Tsk. It was worth a try.

Yeah I know. ;P *prances*

The meme of dressing up porn is ancient already but it usually takes two years before ad-folk catch on (even you Viral factory kids) - perhaps because that's how long it takes to sell it to the client?

c'mere. I'm gonna spank you.


You can tell it's Friday, can't you? We're on to pussies already.

I'd have to get my glasses too (cause I'm getting old, and want to make sure that I see everything in detail!) Oh, I'm alreasy wearing them. Let me check to see if the cameras were working. Let's see... 2.5 hours ago on the DVR.... Oh, yeah. Oh, YEAH!!!! :-)

Ummm, that porcelain skin of a redhead.... and the dark pink...... And now I'm gonna get in trouble with my wife.... :-)

*Moahahha* You so owe me a new keyboard for that, I have steaming hot coffee everywhere now.

This is the only site I know of where people get exited by topless text. You guys slay me.

We're paid to visualise.

Props for that comment, Alex.

haha, *zing* - this is just like after work at the pub, all I need is a really large pint in my hand.

I'm starting to see double entendres in everything now. I'll get the round in.

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