New York Fries - Busty / Toupee / Cougar - print, Canada

"I like the fact that he's somewhat so precious, so snobby. Like an old Beverly Hills thing." said Martin Beauvais, executive creative director at Zig, on the man in the toupee

The print campaign for New York Fries, which is appearing in Chatelaine, Hello, People, Flare and Style at Home. The tagline: "Real Fries in a Fake World." I've never heard of fake fries, but I guess they have everything over there in North America, even fake fries.

link to larger Busty file

Link to larger Toupee file

Link to larger Cougar file

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Did they make the cougars face younger, or her hands older? Hmmm.

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Either way that is one freaky scary image.

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I'm guessing that "Fake Fries" would be those that are made from reconstituted potatoes (i.e. mashed up/ground up, freeze-dried, pulverized, and then reconstituted in a frm form....

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I think so too.

That guy in the middle ad looks like Billy Childish, doesn't he?