Oh Fuck! - The Economist Cover September 2008

Hats off to the uber-intelligent folks at 'The Economist' who have, in just two words, so eloquently captured how we are all feeling about the current state of the financial markets.

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  • Allan1's picture

    Is it for real, or just someone expressing their true feelings (echoing most of our own), that may well be unpublishable, in the real world? Yes, I noticed this is in the Viral/Spoof/Homage area.

    As I write this, the U.S. House has approved the modified 'Bailout Bill;, and sent to Pres. Bush to sign. I don't know what's worse, doing the bailout or not doing the bailout. .

    Oct 03, 2008
  • kamari's picture

    Allan, it's posted under spoof or homage. I didn't think to read that either.

    Oct 09, 2008
  • Dabitch's picture

    Awesome, I'm glad you posted that here netzkobold. :)

    Oct 04, 2008
  • netzkobold's picture

    @Dabitch Thank you for the opportunity to post here, I have always been a huge fan of Adland (Member for 8 years 27 weeks) and I think my former boss and you even know each other, Thomas Zorbach from http://www.vm-people.de - And my blog won Silver in the 'Battle of the Ad Blogs' in 2006 :-) Thank you for that! The badge is still on my blog :-) Anyhow, cheers from San Francisco, Frederik

    Oct 07, 2008
  • Dabitch's picture

    I only 'know' Thomas from mailinglists/groups where discussions have been going on, but yeah, kinda. Congrats again to that Silver, I want to do it again but with more proper prizes, non-english language categories and some fail-safe way of voting that doesn't bug people too much. (Selecting votes by IP# can exclude large agency networks, having people use their email addy to vote can turn people off...Hmm)

    Oct 08, 2008
  • kamari's picture

    I need to get that issue and frame it. Why haven't I seen this in the newsstand? beacuse it is a spoof that's why.

    Oct 09, 2008
  • JAxelsson's picture

    Great commentary. Simple, elegant and to the point. It sort of highlights the whole sky is falling mindset we're all in. This both points out how the flames are fanned by the media, but is also more of a shocker because The Economist typically isn't part of that.
    Let's just hold on to our hats and see where we land.

    Oct 04, 2008
  • RLDavies's picture

    Not quite so funny, but a genuine magazine cover, the current Private Eye:

    Oct 21, 2008

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