Capital One Vikings get pulled over. (2010) :30 (U.S.)


Capital One Vikings get pulled over. (2010) :30 (U.S.)

What’s in your wallet is back for more pillaging fun. Although the kid sure seems to be getting more screen time as of late. As with most child actors in America, seems like FF >> rehab in 10 years (or jail). That’s okay though because this campaign’s got legs! Banging out lines until then shouldn’t be a problem. We come full circle as the elder Viking just puts the rehab on the Capital One. I’m kinda worried though. They don’t really destroy anything in this one. Are they getting... soft?

Capital One



I can't even believe that you would post a reference to the child actor needing rehab or ending up in jail. You are obviously a jealous narrow minded jerk. I know this kid...he is a sweet, happy little boy with loving parents.


tahoeferrets, if you're Sam Lant's (the child actor's) mom you need to get your jokedar sent in for a tune-up.

Hey look, an anonymous troll on the internet. You never see THAT. It's almost as rare as A) A child actor who grows up without drug problems B) Someone who gets sarcasm on the net, or C) Someone who bothers to actually read what a post said.

My jokedar is perfectly tuned. Things that are hurtful....aren't funny.

PS...could you remove your post with a child actor's name in it, because that leaves him open to danger. Not a great thing to bring on an innocent child.


You linked his IMDB page, which by existance alone (omg, his name! on the intarwebs!) leaves him just as open to that danger. I see that you've changed it now to an IMDB link to Hitchcock's Psycho. Funny.

See....I am funny. However, I think sterotypical jokes, especially those directed at an innocent child, are not funny.

BTW - the name of the child actor you posted is not the child actor in the commercial. Although upon further inspection I noticed they do look alike. HA I wonder if he needs an older brother in future commercials????

The Cap One Pillagers are more entertaining than most of the programming... - JB

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