Old Spice - The Man Your Man Could Smell Like - (2010) :30

Old Spice nails it, I will buy the lot. Wonder if the horse is included. I am nursing a very serious crush on this campaign...... I want to marry it!

Well done Wieden+Kennedy!

Grand Prix winner, Cannes Lions 2010

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Executive Creative Director: Mark Fitzloff/Susan Hoffman Creative Director: Jason Bagley/Eric Baldwin Copywriter: Craig Allen/Eric Kallman Agency Producer: Erin Goodsell/Ben Grylewicz Planner: Britton Taylor Account Supervisor: Diana Gonzalez/Jess Monsey Production Company: MJZ Los Angeles, USA Director: Tom Kuntz Producer: Jeff Scruton Editor: Carlos Arias, Final Cut Sound Design/Arrangement: Lime Studios Art Director: Craig Allen/Eric Kallman Post Production: Saima Awan Other Credits: VFX Company: The Mill, Los Angeles/Producer: Arielle Davis/Ep: Sue Troyan
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Fantastic! One of the best ads of the year so far, me thinks.

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Great writing, great art direction, great direction, great set design, great performance.

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"I'm on a horse" just kills me.

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This is a great piece of work. Knocks the Dove 'be soft' something about skin out of the water. Also, my lady wishes I could make diamonds like that. And lastly, Techdirt has posted words on this ad today - Advertising Is Content, Content Is Advertising, I'm On A Horse.

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I predict "I'm on a horse" will be said repeatedly during the week in Cannes. Y'all know this is gonna win, right?

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I'm a lesbian but I'm looking at this naked man and loving it. A deserved winner at Cannes!

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Nobody cares that you're a lesbian.