Beancast Episode 112: Boobies And Kittens - the F-bomb episode

So, I was staying up all night to get together with fellow brandflakesforbreakfast babysitter Bill Green ( @mltb ) of makethelogobigger, George "fuck that shit" Parker from AdScam and David Burn ( @davidburn ) from Adpulp to talk about Alyssa Milano in a towel, Facebook hate and the gulf restoration campaigns Unfuckthegulf & the Hollywood starstudded "be the one" commercial.

Due to the name of the un-Eff ad, we were allowed to cuss in the beginning of the show. Naturally, we kept it up the entire episode, with added dosage of giggling at words like "tool". Download or listen to the Boobies and kittens episode on the Beancast, and below are the promised boobies and kittens to take the edge off.

Also, your homework this week is to work "brass ovaries" into conversation.

Update For interlinking fun, here's what the other guests had to say about the show.

Bill at makethelogobigger and then Bill at Brandflakesforbreakfast. Davids post on Adpulp and ... Hmm, George hasn't said a fucking thing about it yet. He's probably still mad I haven't sent him that bottle of Bäska Droppar. Yep, he's crazy, since he likes a vodka spiked with wormwood and tjärpastill (a very distinct type of liquorice). The drink is like George, either you love it or you hate it, so it suits him proper.