Super Bowl Ad Bingo

In 7 days, we'll all be gathered around the TV watching Super Bowl XLV. To make watching the ads even more enjoyable (even if they aren't), we've created a Super Bowl Ad Bingo card.

You'll find 4 boards featuring the stereotypical antics we tend to see year in and year out. Who knows, it might even take you only one spot to get to BINGO!

Download and print them before your superbowl party.

Super bowl dringking game Bingo 1
Super bowl dringking game Bingo 2
Super bowl dringking game Bingo 3
Super bowl dringking game Bingo 4

Check out the Super Bowl Drinking Game for more fun from past Super Bowl years on Adland.

You can even get in a little practice by going through the past 39 years of Super Bowl commercials in our Super Bowl Archive.

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