Miller Lite - Dick - Evil Beaver (1998) - 0:60 (USA)


Miller Lite - Dick - Evil Beaver (1998) - 0:60 (USA)

Client: Miller Lite

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i saw this ad only once. It was before the superbowl began I tried to find someone, anyone who had seen it as well but for some reason, there must have been a lot of food prep, bathroom breaks, or pre game phone calls. This spot is amazing in its sheer lunacy. It bombards you with so much visually it you don't even realize the song says "evil beavers" until you stop laughing minutes after the spot..and then you start laughing again. I am sure a lot of people might find it stupid, but after years of tryin g to describe the spot to so many, and failing, my wife went on a 'mission' to find the spot so she could see what i was talking about.. I love this spot!

Yeah it's nuts. You can thank the crazy-ass Swedish sense of humor for that (a Swedish team created this ad).

This is THE BEST Super Bowl Commercial I had EVER seen!!!!! This one "set the bar", while the other commercials are lame and tame. Too bad the people / industry with the money and "the say" favor the "dry / politically correct" scripts.

Pure fun, unlike 99.9% of Super bowl ads. My personal favorite.

I think the drummer from devo had something to do with the ad as well

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