Ads on Condoms?


Ads on Condoms?


Ads can pop up *cough* in weird places. Creators of the tech to put a an image on a condom are in talks with entertainment companies, energy drinks and designers to put logos and messages on the condoms.

What? Who would buy these things? Why would a guy want to put an ad for a energy drink on his wang? Will it give his schlong wings? Why would you use a rubber to promote a chick flick on a cock? Or a summer blockbuster on his bacon rod? A logo on a willy? It's just so silly.


Hahahaha, you went all out on the rhyming punnage here.

Can I get one that reads 100% ALL BEEF THERMOMETER? No? Fine, then I want one that reads "Welcome to Amsterdam"

Jordans sly comment on adlist about "market penetration" had me laughing for a good five minutes. Oh dear.

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