Sundek Beachwear - Battles - Press ads

Riccardo Bagnoli shot this Sundek Beachwear campaign for Callegari Berville Grey, Paris - marking important historic battles in beachwear.

Callegari Berville Grey, Paris, France Photographer: Riccardo Bagnoli Retoucher: Claudio Luparelli Executive Creative Director: Andrea Stillacci Creative Director: Luissandro Del Gobbo - Giovanni Settesoldi Art Director: Giovanni Settesoldi Copywriter: Luissandro Del Gobbo Marketing Director - Lorenzo Pacini
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Am I the only one who feels that the men-ad is really nicely shot but the female ad is looking a tad blah?

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i think it's the purple balloon in the foreground of the female ad that is throwing me off the most.

that and the fact i keep looking for "In an absolut world" near the logo.

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Diesel 1996 called. They want their idea back.

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Uh, I lean a bit to the left politically and I believe in a certain level of irreverence. However, I have to say that I find these Sundek ads grotesque and I question the judgement of those who chose to run them. Over 400K people died during the beach invasions until the collapse of Normandy. And probably tens of millions died during the war. In the spirit of the ad, the follow-up campaign might be from the German perspective. Don't forget to throw in a couple of swastikas.