Pepsi - Chimp, Lifeguard, Astronaut - print, France


Pepsi - Chimp, Lifeguard, Astronaut - print, France

Pepsi - the choice when you need to bribe someone? Seems that if you're a young lad who wants to play life guard with a woman who has gravity defying boobs, you must come prepared with a can of cold Pepsi. CLM BBDO Paris reckons Pepsi has that kind of power.

Large lifeguard image
link to larger chimp image
Link to larger space-suit image

Ad agency:CLM BBDO Paris
Vincent Dixon : Photographer
Jean Francois Sacco, Gilles Fichteberg : Creative Director
Cedric Moutaud : Art Director
Vincent Pedrocchi : Copywriter

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Notice: Pepsi New York has contacted me (last night) regarding these ads saying that they are spec work. I've asked for a statement from Pepsi France to post here if that is the case.

Are they spec work?

Pepsi France never denied this work (to me).

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