Yes, I just changed the entire sites look right under your nose


Yes, I just changed the entire sites look right under your nose

Hello all, especially all adgrunts currently logged in (Hi
, grant.lovering, Stink, HowieSPM etc). Shocking, isn't it? I felt that I should show you what we're doing here, not 100% done yet but pretty much there, and some folks might be thinking that I'm just picking my nose all week, since there's few new posts, but his is what's going on. So now you know. The theme has been change to fit with the input received. Also, we've added ... *gasp*.... banner ads. Did you know that it's against Googles terms of service to ask anyone to click them to support the site? Yeah, totally is. So I'm not gonna ask that. But I think you can guess why I've made banner ads space..... right? ;)

Anyway. Back to work. Pour on the praise, hate and random suggestions pony-wishes in the comments here. Cheers.


The little TV icons everywhere are nice!

Comment box text is too large compared to everything else. So is the comment box. Now, I'm just going to feel my way around a bit more. Keep up the good work

Must say site looks good in 1920 x 1080 really. Safari Version 5.0.1 (6533.17.8) on 10.6.x has some text scaling that I don't care for. Strictly the browser's problem at above size. one to one screen grabs when needed, just say so.

Here's one new widget you might have overlooked, see the "recent comment" box on the right? yeah, click the tab on that for "users online" and you can spy on who else is logged in right now....

The new user widget keeps showing me strangers I've never seen comment here before. What are these people up to?

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