Dr Pepper marketing #fail - "I ❤ DP" shirts on street team


Dr Pepper marketing #fail - "I ❤ DP" shirts on street team


"So they were giving out free Dr. Peppers…" is the only info we get with this shot of the poor lad and lass standing around New York city wearing "I ❤ DP" t-shirts. Oh rly? Have you told your parents this?

For those not in on the funny, dp is short for double penetration. The Copy Wanker strikes again.


Hehehe, seems everyone is amused by this. Dr Pepper should sell these T-shirts.

You are so funny! Great post :)

Make 7
Up Yours

I want one of these shirts. This is brilliant.

They should do a limited edition collection of these t-shirts, they'd sell like mad in all the known hipster locations.

"Milton Glaser on line one..."

Hey, y'all, you who want the "I heart DP" shirts should head on over to http://www.iheartdp.com/ and ask that guy to wrestle up a few more.

Just don't tell him what it means to you, this is the sites opening screengrab.

That's even better than the picture of my cousin as a tot, in his diaper, with a beer and a pipe.

OK. Maybe not.

Guess what, DP knows this...

welcome to guerilla/viral marketing suckers.

Her, what about the guy?

Of course someone knew. Remember Terry Tate office linebacker? The guy named Felcher? The copy wanker has been at this for a while. We should design a super-hero suit for him. (Thanks Alec for reminding me)

This is very much in the vein of "Make 7 ---- Up yours". The question is, does she?

No, it's not like the 7 up yours. That was a commercial where everyone understood, except the guy wearing the shirt. Here, half the internet population understands but your regular ma & pa think they're talking about Dr Pepper.

Hehe, no it's more like that banned 7 up ad (which wasn't an ad for 7 up at all just to keep that clear.)

You just made me check the urban dictionary for what "Seven Up" means.

I hate you.

If anyone needs me, I'll be in the corner drinking whatever soda that doesn't mean something dirty.

Raises hand. Had to look up "Seven Up". Not what I thought.

This is the second new thing I learned today. Since this topic needs cleaned up, here is a product that should help, Jizzle from The Whitest Kids U'Know

You are welcome ;-)

Does Jizzle go with Spunk?

Nope. The Jizzle is great (per the video) if Spunk gets all over the table (see: image in above post).

Heh. It's really no wonder this post is google-ad free flaggad as "pornographic content"

Brings back good memories of locums l (heart) cum http://adland.tv/content/i-love-cum


I'm a Pepper Pervert!

Did anyone bother to notice that DP stands for Des Plains. It's the name of some small mid western town. It has zilch to do with Dr. Pepper. you would know this if you actually clicked through the website. So you are all just a bunch of misinformed closet wankers. Me, I'm gonna go watch some porn. Hipster crap pieces.

Yes, we bothered, and yes we know (at least I do). I was just trying to direct some customers to the Des Plains T-shirt guys way, as everyone here was loving the Dr Pepper version.

Because the woman in the post is not wearing a Des Plaines shirt in Manhattan while giving out free Dr Pepper. She's a Dr Pepper girl, wearing a I Heart DP (as in Dr Pepper) shirt. But you didn't bother to notice the difference between the shirts, I see.

I also enjoy Donkey Punching while Double Penetrating a Delicious Pastry.

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