Zalando - Girls Talk - (2011) :30 (Germany)


Zalando - Girls Talk - (2011) :30 (Germany)

"Girls talk" .. about shoes and nifty dresses, even during a bank robbery. The robbers make a fatal mistake when blocking the Zalando delivery-man. Uh-oh. You could play stereotype-bingo with this ad. The ad is created by Jung von Matt in Hamburg but for the UK online store. The English ad has been replaced by the German version.
Update 2: The names of creatives not involved in the conception of execution of this ad have been removed.
Update 3: Full credits sorted. There will be no more changes.

Jung von Matt/Fleet
Managing Director Creation: Doerte Spengler-Ahrens
Managing Director Creation: Jan Rexhausen
Creative Director, copy writer: Fabio Straccia
Art Director: Gustavo Nardini

Radical Media
Director: Nick Ball
DoP: Dan Bronks
Exec. Prodcuer: Christiane Dressler
Exec. Producer: Caroline Kousidonis
Prod Design:
Michael Iacono
Editor: Paul Hardcastle



axel didon and anthony montagne are the copywriters? hahahahahahahahaha! axel, anthony can you explain please what has been your part on the project in particular?

gustavo is not a creative director.

Annoying to spend so much time on what is essentially the same old "girls love to shop" tired stereotype idea ad, but the credits have now been sorted by top management brass at JvM and there will be no more changes. Stop bickering, please, creatives. Ta.

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