Wendy's - T-shirt where's the beef? - (2011)


Wendy's - T-shirt where's the beef? - (2011)

Sixty seconds of people randomly hollering "Where's the beef?" to the guy who found a vintage shirt with the slogan on it. I guess Wendy's really want's to bring back that phrase. They should have called Coyote McCloud and re-run his 1984 hit with Clara Peller - "Where's the beef?".

The Kaplan Thaler Group

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What is this song?

Hey, I was just wondering what the song is that's playing in the background in this commercial?

I was wondering the same thing

I was told by a woman from the Kaplan Thaler Group (company that made the ad) that it's Yes by Tim Myers, but I can't find it anywhere on the internet/itunes

His beef is with Mrs. Dunphy.

Who's the model that says "Nice shirt".

you cant find the song because the album hasn't been released yet. but it is Yes by tim myers.

This is definitely filmed in Austin, TX. the street scenes are on South Congress for sure. Too funny.

the very last girl is from the first hangover, she is the girl at the front desk of ceasers palace.
yeah i just thought of that

I thought for sure it was Austin Texas. Can't find confirmation but as an austinite I know those places are familiar.

I love the BG song. May I know what's the title and who's the artist of that song?

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