Oh HELLO, here's the hat trick of offensivenesss, it's not just the real Hitler, used in an ad, but it's also a misogynist shill to teach people that real men (which presumably the mass murdering dictator was), don't use women's shampoo. For serious, the VO is translated as such:

If you're not wearing women's clothes, you shouldn't be using women's shampoo either. Here it is. A real man's shampoo. Biomen.
Real men use Biomen.

According to Kehaber.org this ad is still airing, despite massve protest from the Jewish organisations in Turkey. A letter of complaint was sent to the brand signed by Zali De Toledo, president of İSRAİLDEKİ TÜRKİYELİLER BİRLİĞİ.

Adolf is the symbol of Hitler's greatest crime of humanity, humor (!) Showing that even as a shampoo ad, great disrespect to the memory of those killed in World War II, and can damage the eyes of the world think of Turkey proper.

Ad of the shampoo brand, "BIO-MEN The word" human life "to mean, how much human fat out of the mouth of a man engaged in soap and istihzalıdır repulsive!

We, the Turks and the Jews, strongly condemn this ad, both as a human being, efforts to stop a moment ago, Mr. dissemination of your Board take the necessary precautions to be complacent and hope.

Once again, just to get a little attention, the brand has succeeded in worldwide attention, and most of it negative. Congrats Biomen. Real men do better ads.

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    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    The agency behind this job is M.A.R.K.A. and the president of the agency (Hulusi Derici) has already made an announcement that he doesn't care about the complaints. The very same agency was accused for using "stop the child abuse" tagline to promote a children's wear brand's sales campaign and forced to stop those advertising just a few months ago.

    More about Mr. Derici's explanations here: http://www.marketingturkiye.com.tr/index.php?option=com_content&view=art...

    Mar 26, 2012
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    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    Even negative publicity is better than none at all!

    Mar 27, 2012
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    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    Sorry but I really don't think they are the same brand. I start using start BIOMEN a month prior to the Hitler commercials first aired, I am not using it anymore, and I can't see B'IOTA LABORATORIES written any wear on the bottle.

    Apr 07, 2012
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    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    where can i get some of that shampoo if adolf recomends it thats good enough for me

    Apr 13, 2012
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    AnonymousCoward (not verified)


    Jun 21, 2012