Nike running couple copies Rubber industries running couple?

Regarding the "Nike Free I would run to you" romantic saccarine overdose of an ad... Yes, It's been done before, and better too, because as I recall I didn't need an insulin shot after viewing the Japanese Cannes Gold Lion winning version of this running couple story. I did however need a bit of kleenex. Lets compare ads inside, shall we?

Sagami Rubber industries does everything right. They have a man from Fukuoka and a woman from Tokyo declaring that to prove their love to each other they will run to meet each other. And so they begin, running, walking, stopping for a snack all the while Sakamoto plays piano that you can feel in every part of your spine. When they finally see each other, you feel as smitten as they are.

Sagami Rubber Industries - Love Distance
And BLAM - that's the product benefit, right there! Extra super thin condoms. Less distance. Get some, and I mean get some. When this won in Cannes there was loud cheers and undying applause in the audience, plus the creative team tossed out free condoms to everyone from the stage as if they were rock stars, so we love those guys. That was funny.

Now Nike. W+K have done another romantic story where a couple runs across country to meet each other. Except this redhead never breaks a sweat, nor needs a bathroom and the country we are talking about is a continent wide. Oh, and they're singing while running too. Yes, we're firmly in the unbelievable camp of storytelling, but that's fine, we can tell stories any way we want to. What's the song like then? OMG your teeth will grow hair on them from the sugarysweet. Best taken in small doses. What gets me is that there's no BLAM at the end. It's just a terrible cute comedic little love-story and song. I bet they won't even be throwing shoes at the audience if they win anything with this.

Nike FRee I would run to you
It's the same story told in vastly different ways, which is why I'm putting this in badland, for simple comparison.

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    fenben on twitter reckons that Axe "anarchy" (below) and others are similar as well - Axe "anarchy" (which we called Lynx Attract) is a one minute love story / lust story. ;)

    cop and robber

    Apr 05, 2012

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