Hunter and Bear are back for Tippexperience timetravel on youtube

Last time we saw the hunter and the bear we could change the story and have him tickle the bear, play soccer with the bear, party with the bear.. and now the Hunter and the bear are back! They're celebrating the bears birthday party when one of those pesky viral meteoritesss come crashing in. With Tipp-ex you can now time-travel to 2005 when youtube was brand new, your birth year or any other times with the hunter and the bear to change the story. No points for doing the dramatic bear in 2005, you know that wasn't happening back then....

Here's the case study of a Hunter Shoots a bear:

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    AnonymousCoward2 (not verified)

    0-1 Jesus
    2-476 Roman
    477-1453 Excalibur
    1454-1788 Leonardo
    1492 Columbus
    1789-1799 French Revolution
    1800-1894 Old West
    1895-1913, 1919-1928, 1946-1949 Silent Movie
    1914-1918 WWI
    1929-1938 Great Depression
    1939-1945 WWII
    1950-1959 Rock & Roll
    1960-1968 Psychedelic
    1969 Moon Landing
    1970-1978 Disco
    1974 World Cup
    1979-1980 Bears vs. Hunters Pac-man Game (1 Stage Only)
    1981 Make your own Graffiti
    1989 Berlin Wall
    1990-1997, 1999 Saved by the Bell
    1998, 2002, 2006, 2010 World Cup
    2000 Y2k bug
    2001 9-11
    2003 Governator
    2004 Facebook
    2005 Youtube
    2007 Cell Phone Revolution
    2008 Obama
    2009 Michael Jackson
    2011 Dominique Strauss-Kahn
    2012 Apocalypse
    2013-2049 Aliens
    2050-9999 Transcendence
    10,000-? Knock Please
    999999999 Hyperspace Error

    Apr 12, 2012
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    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    Good job, but there are also scenes before Christ:

    0 to -32: Roman
    -33 to -3600: Egypt
    -3601 to -2.400.000: Prehistory
    -2.400.001 to -240.000.000: Dinosaurs
    -240.000.000 to - Big Bang

    Apr 15, 2012
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    Right, yeah I see what you mean. I think part of the fascination of this campaign stems from the use of youtube in this fashion, even if we've seen Sly Stallone blow up youtube and that Gothic crew who cleaned up beaches in France way back in 2009 did it first. Those examples didn't use the entire platform like the hunter and the bear does. But really, it's just an updated Subservient Chicken placed on Googles largest ad media platform a.k.a Youtube. Which demonstrates that you can write anything in the fresh white box that tipp-ex strips fixed for you. ;)

    Apr 12, 2012