ad translation bites.

In Stockholm 7-11 are currently running ads promoting their hot dogs. Someone should have told them what their headline means in french .........

Bite Sale! literally means dirty Cock in french.
Wonder if the girls parents knew.... I'm sure she can excuse herself with the classic: 'I was young, I needed the money'...

photo © Lars Hultman

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Do a lot of Swedish people speak French? Is it obviously embarrassing to the general population?

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After English you get a third langauge where I'd say roughly half the schoolkids choose French over the almost as common German (Spanish is on the rise in younger generations but wasn't available in many schools back in my day.. when we lived in a rolled up newspaper at the bottom of the lake...). So yeah, there's a large part of the population who'd "get it", the 'French' King included. ;)

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I guess the writer on this had had German as third language back in school. ;)

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gotta love it. *hehehehe*

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I'll have a Bite Size, a tossed salad, and a Pocari Sweat to drink please.