She's not A girl, she's THE girl. Fear No Susan Glenn. with this ad, Axe drops the tired old "gets you laid" schtick and grows up to be all poetic.

The name Susan Glenn has been planted all over the web since May. Online slang dictionary defines Susan Glenn as "That girl that you like so much but you never actually flirt with because you are too worried about messing it all up", and in a post made a month ago on the "all posts are actually ads" site known as Buzzfeed you will find Dudes failing to get their Susan Glenn in 11 gifs.

It seems to me that this is only the beginning, and teaser-like campaigns tend to end badly in the creative department.

AXE Principal talent: Kiefer Sutherland Director: Ringan Ledwidge of Rattling Stick CLIENT: Unilever Brand: AXE AGENCY: BBH New York Chief Creative Officer: John Patroulis Executive Creative Director: Ari Weiss Associate Creative Director: Nate Able Copywriter: Peter Rosch Art Director: Nate Able Head of Broadcast: Lisa Setten Agency Producer: Calleen Colburn Business Affairs Manager: Laurie Litonjua Business Director: Armando Turco Account Director: Mandy Dempsey Strategy Director: John Graham Strategy Director: Griffin Farley Strategist: Eric Fernandez PRODUCTION COMPANY: Rattling Stick Director: Ringan Ledwidge Production Company Partner/EP: Jennifer Barrons DP: Matthew Libatique Line Producer: Pat Frazier VFX Company: The Mill NY Producer: Charlotte Arnold VFX Supervisor: Iwan Zwarts Colorist: Fergus McCall Lead Flame: Iwan Zwarts Flame Assist: Albert Cook CG product : Isaiah Palmer Editorial: Work (NY) Editor: Rich Orrick Assistant Editor: Healy Snow Editorial EP: Jane Dilworth/Erica Thompson Music Composer: Phil Kay Music Company: Woodwork Music Sound Designer: Brian Emrich Mix Company: LIME Mixer: Rohan Young

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  • Dabitch's picture

    Can't decide if I like or don't like. *flips coin*

    Jul 12, 2012
  • AnonymousCoward's picture
    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    I wonder if I was someone's Susan Glenn?

    Jul 13, 2012
  • AnonymousCoward's picture
    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    All I can say is wow! Kiefer Sutherland for Axe. That is a HUGE change!

    Jul 13, 2012
  • AnonymousCoward's picture
    AnonymousCoward (not verified)


    A Keith Alexander term - someone with a appearance pertaining to, or manner similar to a goblin, or someone worthy of praise.
    The Lincoln City manager Keith Alexander described Simon Yeo as goblinesque following his performance in the LDV Vans trophy win against Stockport.

    Jul 14, 2012

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