One weird trick, one weird trick to make people click your dang banner.

We've seen the "one weird trick" a "housewife" or "Mom" discovered that cures fat abs, wrinkles and all sorts of yellow teeth. Now they've taken the "one weid trick" to new levels and promise you your own nuclear power plant in your house. This isn't new, in 2009 I posted "In this house, we obey the laws of thermodynamics" about the funky banner ads then that promised a "zero point magnetic power generator", but in a software box. These days everything has to have the word "weird" in front of to sell, and we prefer to click on banners that say a suburban housewife found said "one weird trick" even when it comes to supplying our future with free/cheap energy. Gee.

In the end, there's no weird trick such as combining pickle juices with toothpaste for whiter teeth, there's just a scam at the other end of the banner click that wants your money. The weird things is that you'll part with it at the mention of the word weird, apparently. Judging by how prolific these banners are.

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    Kirkistan (not verified)

    Well said.

    Jul 16, 2012