Silk's bukakke ad generated via ZOOPPA's crowdsource competition was stolen off Vimeo

So, Adverve was on the case with the mysterious Silk "bukakke" ad, wherein a woman gets a lot more than a perl necklace as her face is splashed in milk. Turns out, according to Silk, that this ad was a submission via a ZOOPPA contest. You know ZOOPPA, quoting myself "it's yet another place riding on the user-generated hype where people can create ads that meet a brief and if their ad is picked, they win cash prizes. Oh joy.". So this milk cumshot ad was submitted by a ZOOPPA contender.

Hi, this is Margaret from Silk. Just wanted to chime in quickly on the post. You are correct that this was a user submitted video, as part of a contest we ran in 2011 with the help of ZOOPPA. It was never used as advertising by Silk (television or otherwise).

But wait there's more! The woman in the video told Copyranter that that film clip was stolen off Kenny Wu's Vimeo page.

This video was ripped off of my friend Kenny Wu's vimeo page. He did a series of videos with all of his close friends, with the same exact concept. Someone illegally ripped the video from his page and made it into a "commercial" for Silk. We are currently looking into legal action for copyright infringement. Neither of us gave our consent to use this video by any means, and the original piece has nothing to do with Silk or soymilk or any of that crap, it was just a slow motion test piece for kenny's camera.

Kenny paid for the rights to use Etta James' "At Last", right? Because if he didn't shouting about copyright infringement seems like calling a kettle black.

Either way, this opens up a whole new can of worms, if people submitting ideas to competitions, like Zooppa's are using, remixing and dabbling with "found" clips, brands using these ads could be the ones finding themselves in legal trouble when no right have been secured to any audio or visual.

MILK Cassie from Kenny Wu on Vimeo.

Hat tip to Tom from Work that matters for alerting us to the Buzzfeed post. He also points out that the comments on Mark's post are the same as on Adverve.... Silk are very busy backtracking.