Cyberbullying hurts just as bad as that face-bruises Domestic Violence PSA?

Do you remember the Domestic Violence PSA - Coalition Against Battered Women: "It rarely stops" from Y&R in 2010? Yeah it was a bit like that Macy Grey video from the 90s, where the bruises appeared and vanished from her face, but here our abused heroine wasn't singing about the past. She was busy covering each mark, cut and brusies with makeup, while new ones kept appearing, which made the point of the ad : "It rarely stops".

Looks to me like VisualKinTV who created "Cyberbullying hurts too." remembered it. In their depiction of abuse appearing on a young woman's face, the abuse it depicts are harsh words on the internet and via texts. The bruises we see are symbolic, because... (wait for it)... Cyberbullying hurts too.

Now, I'm not about to disagree with the fact that cyberbullying hurts, just curious... Does it ever stop?

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  • stacyhall's picture

    Too bad about the copy-catting. Also, how does sharing the ad stop bullying, again? I always get confused about Awareness = Prevention campaigns.

    Aug 08, 2012
  • kidsleepy's picture

    Awareness is lazy. Prevention takes work.

    Aug 08, 2012