California Lottery Strike It Rich! Scratchers - Cornelius - (2012) :30 (USA)


California Lottery Strike It Rich! Scratchers - Cornelius - (2012) :30 (USA)

Man is touched by the magic richness of lottery-wins transforms into a wealthy adventurer. Not to be out-done, his dog does the same.

Chief Creative Officer: David Angelo
Executive Creative Director: Colin Jeffery
Creative Director: John Battle
Creative Director: Gary DuToit
Associate Creative Director: Eron Broughton
Art Director: Todd Rone Parker
Copywriter: Daniel Kelly
Digital Art Director: Ami Lewis
Executive Producer: Carol Lombard
Sr. Producer: Nicolette Spencer
Producer: Kara Fromhart
Digital Producer: Diego de la Maza
Associate Digital Producer: Erica Tremblay
Managing Partner, Director of Client Services: Brian Dunbar
Account Director: Stacia Parseghian
Account Supervisor: Janet Wang

Production Company: Hungry Man
Director: Wayne McClammy
Director of Photography: Bryan Newman
Editorial: Spinach
Editor: Patrick Griffin
Assistant Editor: Chris Ison
Colorist: Beau Leon

Visual Effects: Ring Of Fire
Executive Producer: John Myers
Creative Director: Jerry Spivack
VFX Supervisor: John Myers
VFX Producer: Casey Conroy
Asst. VFX Producer: Tammie Smalls
Online & Flame Editor: Brian Shneider, Michelle Kouki
Graphics: Stephen Grimm, Blake Taylor
Sound Design: 740 Sound
Executive Producer: Scott Ganary
Lead Sound Designer: Eddie Kim
Mix: 740 Sound
Mixer: Andrew Tracy
Music: Beacon Street Studios

Production Company: GO! Productions
Executive Producer: John Newcomb
Producer: David Clair
Flash development: Chris Isom

SD & Mix Company: 740 Sound Design & Mix
Executive Producer: Scott Ganary
Producer: Adrienne Alexander
Mixer: Andrew Tracy
Music Company: Robot Repair
Composers: Douglas Darnell, Aaron Alden & Kael Alden
Executive Producers: Douglas Darnell, Aaron Alden



I love this ad.

I love the commercial. I will name my next dog cornelius!!

worst commercial this year. really annoying. what's the point of the commercial? You start wearing fancy clothes and make up lies about your dog? what?????

Wtf is up with this commercial. So annoying.

I love it. Makes me laugh every time it's on. Long division - rofl.

I love this commercial! It's fantastic!

This commercial pisses me off, it's so annoying

So god dam annoying. Hate this commercial everytime it appears on my TV. -_-

lol love it.. the dog is perfect too- he looks aristocratic in his little long division outfit

I passionately hate this commercial!!!!! I now hate the name "Cornelius"!!!

I've been looking for this commercial!

Don’t you get it? The guy with the winning Scratchers becomes a Phineas Fogg type! The name Cornelius is from the Latin cornu meaning “horn” – don’t you dig “Renfield” closing out the commercial by playing the horn? Did you see the big haul the guy bought with his winnings? And they’re off on an adventure…, so much is going on in just 30 seconds – AMAZING!!!

“Corny - whose a good Corn?”

“His name is Cornelius --- COR-NEEL-EE-US! And he invented long division.” Well of course he did!


Man oh man - I pity the fools who don’t appreciate it!!!

Lol i freakin love this ad!!!!!! Lmaorofl!!!!!:)

This add is totally irrelevant and it's just genius. Geeeeeenius! I love it and love that it annoys people.

I don't quite understand why it annoys people.

Because people are stupid...STU-PID. And they invented derision.

Amazing commercial. Love the dog too.

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