Toyota Corolla Auris - Stav Strashko / "Not trendy, not casual, not for everyone" - (2012)


Toyota Corolla Auris - Stav Strashko / "Not trendy, not casual, not for everyone" - (2012)

"Not trendy, not casual, not for everyone"

Wanna see some hot sexy leggy model ass? OF COURSE YOU DO. The strut, man, the strut models do in bikini-wear and other high-fashion nothings, that stuff is in need of constant rewind.

Oh yeah, and the model here is Stav Strashko who proudly declared on his own facebook page: ''Omg Its finally out, my ass and face on toyota's new auris commercial!!!!''.

Back in 2008 this Sony Ericsson advert really enjoyed the silence caused by featuring a transvestite.

You've come a long way, baby.

Client: Toyota

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I'm DESPERATELY trying to figure out if there's a japanese pun in "sports hatch back" here that I'm not getting. Help me out people.

music, please?

In some ways young Stav has come to embody a new period in society where homosexuality is no longer labeled as bizarre and out of the ordinary and instead has been replaced by the transgender, whose genetic abnormality is "Not in trend, not casual, not for everyone.”  One must ask why a man ,whose genetic make up is involuntary, has become the new symbol of non conformity ? And why are we as viewers always so eager to find the next 'Look at him' freak to point fingers at ?

AFAIK Stav doesn't identify as a woman, so he's not transgender. He's a homosexual androgynous man who models women's clothing. He might identify as genderqueer, but I've only ever seen interviews where he calls himself "a boy".

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