Link Lust: Help me be fucking creative / Embedding copyright infringing video is not a crime

So if you tweet some creative advice with the tag #FCKNGCREATIVEADVICE appended to it, your carefully chosen words of wisdom will appear at Having everyone else create your content = fucking creative. Using twitter and the word "fuck" in the URL ain't tired at all either.

And in other news Embedding copyright-infringing video is not a crime, court rules. In a landmark case that perhaps, perchance, could be used to save The PirateBay, Kim Dotcom's car-collection and Richard O'Dwyer from the TVShack? Kim is still in trouble, as we can't argue that his file locker site "doesn't touch the data stream", but it seems to me that this ruling may affect the PirateBay and TV shack cases. Pop quiz not answered in the linked article: who hosted the infringing video? Youtube? (And why weren't they sued?)

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    In a landmark case, maybe, perhaps, can be used to save the the PirateBay, Kim Dotcom's car collection, and Richard O'Dwyer's TVShack? Gold still in trouble, because we can not say that the site of his file cabinet "data stream" no contact, but in my opinion, this judgment may affect the situation of the PirateBay and TV shack

    Sep 11, 2012