Elastic director Patrick Murphy has joined forces with Team One and Park Pictures to deliver a vibrant new spot for Lexus.

Tech World opens on a phalanx of three new 2013 Lexus models gliding through the streets of a glittering, futuristic cityscape. "It's a golden opportunity," intones the narrator, "to drive a car filled with as much advanced technology as the world around it." Taking that as a challenge, Murphy set the vehicles against a gorgeously rendered, technology-filled backdrop. From building exteriors comprising hundreds of glowing Mondrian squares, to suspiciously smartphone-like leaves dangling from branches along the tree-lined streets, every inch of Tech World reflects Lexus’ ultramodern design. Murphy worked with a team of artists from VFX studio a52 to create the spot.

Client: Lexus Spot Title: “Tech World” Release Date: September 2012 Agency: Team One Group Creative Director: Jason Stinsmuehlen Art Director: Steve Hanlon Copywriter: Phil Henson Producer: Paul Golubovich & Beth Hagen Production Company: Park Pictures Director: Patrick Murphy (Elastic) Director of Photography: Michael FitzMaurice Live Action Producer: Ron Cosentino Production Designer: Bruce Shibley Executive Producer: Mary Ann Marino VFX Studio: a52 VFX Supervisor: Patrick Murphy CG Supervisor: Max Ulichney 2D VFX Artists: Patrick Murphy, Jesse Monsour, Cole Schreiber, Cameron Coombs 3D Artists: Max Ulichney, Ryan McDougal, Cody Woodard, Adam Carter, Zach LaPlante, Erin Clark, Erick Schiele, Andy Lewis, Joe Chiechi Roto: The Base Studio Tracking: Integration Company Producer: Scott Boyajan Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall Editorial Company: General Editorial Editor: Matt Dunlap Executive Producer: Robert Parker Music Company: Elias Arts Mixing Facility: Juice Mixer: Bob Gremore

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