It's a one two punch from our Moomin lovin' salmiakki eatin' friends. Agency 358 came up with a clever idea for The Finnish Refuge Council.

September 8th of last month was International Literacy Day. So to create awareness about the problem, Agency 358 created an unreadable font.

The font was used and discussed in Helsingin Sanomat, which is Scandinavia's largest newspaper among other media, including YLE TV.

Perhaps the best part of this idea was the Facebook App they developed where you could translate your status updates into something unreadable, like the one below.

Really nice idea guys. And for a good cause, to boot. Speaking of, please consider donating to the Finnish Refugee Council as they are doing great work.

Client: Finnish Refugee Council
Agency: 358 Helsinki
Copywriters: Taro Korhonen & Axa Fahler
Art Director: Antero Jokinen
CTD: Katja Koivisto