So, this is a new Levi's commercial. it's evolved the campaign to be less about America per se and, well...did I mention the VO is a poem? It is! And here is Kidsleepy's commentary as a poem in response.

This is Levi's 2012.
Stitched and hemmed,
Tailor made for the Peter Pan
Who does no work except
Working really hard to look lived in.

But it began in 2009, with a quiet big bang
The voice of an eloquent journalist teacher
Preaching on scratchy vinyl,
Calloused thumbs closed around belt loops
In dungarees,
A man named Whitman, imploring The New American Pioneer
To look forward, go forth, make something,
Never go back.

But oh! To have armchair quarterbacked,
Just this once,
To have glanced through that dark glass
Instead of turning a gaze away
From our America,
Our Uncle Sam, Our Lady Liberty.

"Because this country wasn't built on suits."

(Or skinny kids with shaved chests, either.)

You didn't build that road, hipster. You didn't build that.
All you did was loot.

There is no royalty to your name,
Your pockets are lined with trust fund gold,
The only thread that binds is your parents'
umbilical cord.

Are you joking, Are you joking, Are you joking, I hope you are, You,
When the only "carry on," your new demographic knows
Is an ironic slogan emblazoned on
On a 40 dollar t-shirt.

Face it, you're a kid,
And the Pioneers
Will never have the young, good-looking
And self-absorbed leading them.
No Twee man-child will save them.

Even Jesus grew up.
And He didn't do it wearing jeans.
So please, please, please,
Don't go forth.
Go whence!
Give us that Jingoistic hard on, once again, baby.
Because Braddock needs its cock teased,
And we want more
Morning Wood In America,

Please God, no more College Sophomore
Poetry Slams again.
For fuck's sake,
Don't fuck us twice like this.
There's a reason poets
Find romance only the past,
In country as a long-distant concept,
And not men.

This is a pair of Levi's. And they're fading.

Client: Levi Strauss & Co. Spot: "Thread" AGENCY Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore. Creative Directors Tyler Whisnand / Eric Baldwin / Don Shelford Copywriter Erin Swanson Art Directors Jimm Lasser / Monica Nelson Producers Sarah Shapiro / Kirsten Acheson Account Team Andrew Schafer / Jessie Young Executive Creative Directors Mark Fitzloff / Susan Hoffman Agency Executive Producer Ben Grylewicz Business Affairs Cindy Lewellen Strategic Planner Andy Lindblade PRODUCTION Production Company Park Pictures Director Lance Acord Executive Producers Jackie Kelman Bisbee / Mary Ann Marino Line Producer Caroline Kousidinis Director of Photography Lance Acord EDITORIAL Editorial Company Joint Editor Tommy Harden Post Producer Lisa Ashe Post Executive Producer Patty Brebner Assistant Editor Eric Hill VFX VFX Company A52 VFX Executive Producer Jennifer Sofio Hall VFX Producer Matt Olmon VFX Artists Andy Raphael Barrios / Scott Johnson / Bruno Parenti / Christel Hazard / Matt Sousa / Dan Ellis SOUND DESIGN Sound Designer Tommy Harden VO Artist Renee Faia MIX Mix Company Eleven Sound Mixer Jeff Payne Producer Caroline O’Sullivan Media Agency - OMD GLOBAL Global Group Account Director Marcus Strijdveen Group Director of Strategy Carrie Davis Supervisor Jacqueline Thames OMD US Group Director of Strategy Carrie Davis Supervisor Jacqueline Thames Digital Director Matthew Ross Senior Digital Strategist Donica Shye