Chairs are like Facebook - spoof


Chairs are like Facebook - spoof

Well, that didn't take long. The Facebook ad about chairs is now nicely spoofed by Dónal Mulligan, Cian Markey & Richie Nolan. Chairs are like facebook they say, you can sit on them, share pictures of kittens, and masturbate. Facebook and chairs are like doorbells. Heroin. Toilet paper. This thing. After you've stopped laughing, seriously consider the pay-off. Log out.

Nicely done gais, you've just yanked the chair out from under the pretentious facebook ad. *clap clap clap*

On twitter the gang of three are: @donalmulligan @cianmarkey @richie_nolan

Voice-over Artist: Margaret McAuliffe



Toilets are like facebook too!

Don't forget this one:
Walls: Facebook Chairs Ad parody - spoof

Hah.. superb spoof. I just laughed and laughed till my stomach started to pain. Hats off to Donal, Cian and Richie. You guys are really wonderful. Gosh, how did you guys got this stunning idea and creativity. I still cant stop laughing.

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