Solve media : the type-in captcha that makes people remember your sales-phrase

Solve media are captcha's that fight 'banner blindness', as the phrase you make people type could be your selling point. And you all remember what people told you when you were a kid; if you want to remember something write it down. So here you can have captchas making people type anything from "choose Jif" to "yadda yadda yadda" and "all the adnews not fit to print". Why not.

As a publishers there's advantages as well, for one thing the graphs on your end are clear and quickly updated, allowing you to see which site of yours is performing better (if you have several).

We asked Ari Jacoby, the CEO of Solve Media, a few questions, I joked asking "when the worldwide domination begins." By worlwide domination I meant that right now advertisers are targeting US traffic more than any other demographic, when do you think you'll see a major change in this? Do you plan to encourage targeting other traffic by having ad sales done in other parts of the world, perhaps?

Ari Jacoby explains: "We now have a small team in the UK and we are covering that market. We sell other European countries from that office as well. " He continues : " Type-in ads, both display and video, are the most popular."

I asked if Ari had a favorite example of a very witty ad solution that ran on Solve media?
"There have been many but I like some of the Toyota and GM ads." You can see more examples on the client showcase page. To add to this media portfolio, Solve Media also has Brand tags. Ari explains succinctly: "Traditional market research is very expensive and slow and biased, while this is fast and free and unbiased. Advertisers use it to gauge brand sentiment and to make quick creative modifications."

So there you have it. As a publisher, you might want to start using this captcha, as it is quite effective at learning what is spam and what isn't as well. Unlike the adscaptcha I thought was a great idea last year. That company is still fighting BETA bugs, whilst Solve media feels all grown up.