It was one of those warm indian summer days in New York. I heard birds in the trees. I felt my knees shaking, and my head spinning. I let it touch my lips once and am now so hopelessly addicted and loyal to Burts' bees that my former chapstick is crying in its beer while stalking me on facebook. So pleased to see this work from agency Baldwin& that rivals the product itself in quality. It's a clever idea, that uses coupons, thousands of coupons on a billboard. As passers by greedily grab the coupons, they change the posters image. Instead of dry flaky skin she now looks perfect. I like it. Simple, effective, I and I bet it moved product too.

Ad agency: Baldwin&

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  • kidsleepy's picture

    I remember that day. Since I was the one who gave you the bees.


    Oct 31, 2012

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