Rio Creative Magazine - Little Thing - (2012) :30 (Brazil)

It's the little things really it is. In a scene we find a little too familiar, the bossman looks at the work and nods approvingly ... before clicking his pen to fix one little thing, and the sound of that pen is more like a bullet snapping through the air or a guillotin released. Like I said, we know the feeling too well.....

Created about a year ago, Rio Creative Magazine is a website that gathers the work of Rio de Janeiro's advertising agencies. In a partnership with Kombat Films and Silence Produções, they're launching their first campaign with a web film. The founders of the website Leandro Bechara, Marcelo Andrade and Pedro Drable teamed up with two other creatives, Oswaldo Sá and Daniel Herz.

The movie shows how hard it is to get your ideas out there without it being destroyed by "just a little thing". The Director is Gabriel Mattar and the sound design director is Dudu Lopes.

Advertised brand: Rio Creative Magazine Advert title(s): Little Thing Advertising Agency: RMag Team Agency website: Art Director: Daniel Herz, Leandro Bechara, Marcelo Andrade, Pedro Drable, Oswaldo Sá Copywriter: Pedro Drable Director: Gabriel Mattar - Kombat Films Sound Design - Dudu Lopes - Silence
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