The Last Debate : Make Romney or Obama say anything you want on twitter


At The Last Debate you can tweet words in the POTUS mouth. If you tag it #speakRomney, the tweet will appear to come from Mitt Romney on the site. Tag it #Speakobama and resident prez Obama seems to speak it. It's already filled, unsurprisingly, with countless tweets of Obama calling Romney his bitch, and other equally childish pointless tweets. Created by the German digital agency Synamics, the idea seems to be to have people bring up topics close to their heart, but the result (since it's not filtered) will be just a lot of cussing. Stefan Jasper from German Synamics worked on the idea with the Swedish digital creatives who know where to find the twitter API, Christoffer Åhlén and Philip Hovensjö. There's seemingly no sender to this idea, and I'm not sure what they hoped to really achieve with it.

Via Resumé

Sample tweets below.


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  • kidsleepy's picture

    This kind of stupidity completely negates Europe's opinion of our upcoming election. Or advertising for that matter.

    Nov 01, 2012
  • Dabitch's picture

    But ... but.. It's digital and uses the twitter API... and has Swedes doing it. It must win some Cannes awards. /Sarchasm

    Nov 01, 2012

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