Seth MacFarlane isn't anti-Semitic. He's an anti-Semitic schmuck.

Hey I'm just kidding. See, I'm being satirical. I'm paying the part of The Offended Guy of Jewish Origin.* I know Seth MacFarlane is laughing, too. Otherwise, he'd be taking offense and therefore, acting like everything he purports to hate.

See, a couple days ago, MacFarlane took to his Twitter to post this ad, with the line "Here it is-- the Emmy Ad The trades refused to run." Maybe they did refuse it, or maybe they never presented it and it was a story the PR peeps cooked up just to get everyone's panties in a wad.

So far it's worked. Most of the Jewish blogs and Perez Hilton took the bait of course and howled "bigot," "hater," etc.

MacFarlane's race-baiting humor is nothing new. Hell, we've seen it for almost a decade now. We're used to it. And we have a half century of history from comedians like Lenny Bruce and Don Rickles and Red Foxx and Richard Pryor and Archie Bunker and Andrew Dice Clay.

Oh and we also have seen it a few times in advertising.

What's more interesting to me--beyond how bitter MacFarlane seems to be that he hasn't won an Emmy-- is how uninspired the joke is. Really? "Jews Control The Media?" That joke is low hanging fruit; it ranks up there with 'ever notice how bad the airplane food is these days." It's kind of sad.

So okay, he managed to get some publicity out of it. None of it good. And anyone who defends it risks being labeled a bigot. Will this up his chances of winning an Emmy?
I'm going to say "no."

So Seth, listen. Keep trying, baby. If you come up with a fresh idea next year, maybe we'll upgrade you from schmuck to putz.

* Kidsleepy is in fact a half breed.