Syfy - "WWE SmackDown" Director's Cut - (2010) :40 (USA)


Syfy - "WWE SmackDown" Director's Cut - (2010) :40 (USA)

Shilo director Jose Gomez and his colleagues recently delivered a phenomenal campaign for NBC Universal's Syfy Channel, promoting the network's Oct. 1 launch of WWE's popular SmackDown series. In close collaborations with Syfy executives, renowned DP Jonathan Sela and many others, Jose combined live-action 35mm cinematography with original graphics and VFX artistry to create short, powerful vignettes...

...that cinematically render the signature moves of WWE superstars Big Show, Kane, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, and The Undertaker. Since 20 Sept., these vignettes have appeared in numerous TV spots, on Syfy's YouTube channel (, and in other high-profile venues.

We are very proud to present this director's cut from Jose.

As it has done within so many historic Shilo projects, Jose's passion for character development once again takes center stage in this Syfy WWE SmackDown campaign. "For me, it's all about working out the story and character development by delving into the emotional side and personifying the fascinating characters we shoot," he says.

Shilo also sends its deepest thanks to all their heavy-hitting collaborators, including Company 3 colorist Rob Sciarratta, composer Darrin Wiener and sound designer Gavin Little (both featured in the director's cut), the ultra-talented WWE superstars, and of course, their brilliant clients at Syfy. The complete credits listing appears below, along with information on Shilo's project toolset. For more information, please visit .



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