Why doesn't MTV show music videos anymore?

The old question "why doesn't MTV show music videos anymore?" gets one rantalicious hilarious response in "Ask a Network Head" (which honestly should be a real show, gosh darnit). The response? "That question is literally old enough to drive a car!" rants the MTV exec while pointing out that "the generation that steals music, is the generation that complains MTV doesn't show music anymore". Ooooh, burn.

However, it fails to answer another age old question ... "If MTV isn't about music anymore, why do they continue to identify themselves as Music Television?"

No, it's not a real MTV network exec, it's a skit by Brian and Maria, who also like to mock 72 and sunny's Samsung ads with crass balls-vibration jokes, which is a lot less funny.

It also makes me want to re-read chapter seven of David Byrne's How Music Works.

Lots of websites an apps such as pandora and Spotify have emerged that stream music to their customers. This isn't about giving you access to songs you have previously purchased, but rather about hearing music you don't physically own. Spotify has reached agreements with the major labels, just as MTV did before them. And just as before, the artist, who should be entitled to a share of that equity, is missing from the equation.

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