Quiznos National Cookie Day: Toast It Up (2012) :60, (USA)


Quiznos National Cookie Day: Toast It Up (2012) :60, (USA)

"Five. Five dollar. Five dollar Foot Loooooong." Oh sorry, wrong song.

I meant: "Toast it up. toast it down. Free toasted cookies are in my town."

This weird melody taps the same strange new wave bedroom recording vein as that other jingle for Quiznos National Cookie Day, courtesy of Kansas City based Barkley.

Now, stop me if I'm just being pervy but how in the heck did they sell the scene where the guy is literally stuffing a cookie into the girl's mouth? I doff my hat to thee, perverts!

Note too in the credits that Paul Hogan is an art director. Nice to see him gettign work after those Crocodile Dundee ads. (I Kid!) Also note the Copywriter is N/A. Hmm, I guess those jingle lyrics wrote themselves. * update below

"Toast it up. toast it down. Free toasted cookies are in my town."

Actually, to hear it now, it sounds like it was written by itself.

Either way you might as well sing along because once you hear it, it won't leave your head. It's kind of like The Ring.

Update: Brendan "Abs" Kilcoyne alerted us to the fact that Brendan "Abs" Kilcoyne is the copywriter on this. Credits below changed to reflect new info. / Dabitch

Chief Creative Officer: Don McKinney
Executive Creative Director: Paul Corrigan
Art Director: Paul Hogan / Adam Forstadt
Copywriter: Brendan "Abs" Kilcoyne
Producers: Paul Hogan / Adam Forstadt
Account Executive(s): Jason Parks / Stephanie Parker
Production Company: Barkley
Director: Paul Hogan / Adam Forstadt
Director of Photography: Zach Osterhout
Line Producer: Henry Dittman
Editing House: Barkley
Editor: Adam Forstadt/Paul Hogan
Composer: Mikal Britt / Matt Mufalli
Sound designer: Mikal Britt Mixer: Adam Forstadt



Oh god, will a cookie phone me up in the next hour and tell me I only have seven days to live if I don't force someone to watch this thing?

Or force a cookie in someone's mouth.


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