Quiznos National Cookie Day: Toast It Up (metal) (2012) :60, (USA)

Run toooo the hilllllllllls. run fooooor youuuuuuur liiiiiiiiiiiiiiife.

Ahem. Sorry.

Continuing on the silliness of Quiznos' December 4th promotion for free cookies, this film takes the new wave bedroom version of the same jingle and heavy metals it up for Quiznos National Cookie Day, courtesy of Kansas City based Barkley. No really. The same "Toast it up, toast it down, free toasted cookies are in my town" goes from new wave to Iron Maiden rip off. In this case though, the band is riding a cookie, flying-carpet style instead of um,"force feeding" a cookie into a girl's mouth like in the other version.

I have to say I prefer this version. Even if it looks like they had even less of a budget than on the first spot. But hey, the high school AV class look earns them irony points, anyway. Right? Anyone?

All I can say is, this is the same fast food client that fired its agency for creating a campaign starring singing rats. I guess humor is subjective. Or something?

Chief Creative Officer: Don McKinney Executive Creative Director: Paul Corrigan Art Director: Paul Hogan / Adam Forstadt Copywriter: N/A Producers: Paul Hogan / Adam Forstadt Account Executive(s): Jason Parks / Stephanie Parker Production Company: Barkley Director: Paul Hogan / Adam Forstadt Director of Photography: Zach Osterhout Line Producer: Henry Dittman Editing House: Barkley Editor: Adam Forstadt/Paul Hogan Composer: Mikal Britt / Matt Mufalli Sound designer: Mikal Britt Mixer: Adam Forstadt Read more at http://adland.tv/commercials/quiznos-national-cookie-day-toast-it-2012-60-usa#7M3xDMqIOeC1PlD2.99
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I'm pretending that the drummer is Claymore

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You'd think drumming would burn more calories.

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Too many toasted cookies. Not enough double bass.