Spinning off on the idea that there's only one thing wrong with AXE, the side effect that women want to (*gasp* god forbid!) cuddle post-coital, DDB Latina Puerto Rico have invented the Morning After Pillow. No, not pill. Pillow. Just sneak it under your arm and sneak away. This could be one minute shorter and a lot funnier.

Want to see the pillow in action? Check the facebook page where it's being used at a party

Advertising Agency: DDB Latina Puerto Rico Creative Directors: Enrique Renta, Santiago Cuesta, Manuel Bordé, Leslie Robles Copywriting: Manuel Bordé, Santiago Cuesta Art Direction: Juan Carlos López, Luis Figueroa, Karla Bonilla (BV) Account Team: Edgardo Manuel Rivera, Rafa Muñiz, Alexandra Arroyo, Hecmarylys Ortiz, Luis Velazquez Director: Alejandro Pedrosa Prod. Co.: Buena Vibra Agency Producer: Loren Ortiz, Ive Negrón Producer: Emil Medina Music: Estudios Machina