Unicef brings better gifts for christmas, timetravel to Betlehem year 0 to show us why


Each year people spend millions on gifts around christmas. Gifts that people sometimes don't want or need. Unicef want to remind the generous folk that give so much that there are things people do really need that make perfect gifts. At unicef.se, you can buy actual field products such as vaccine, medicine and nutrition and Unicef will make sure that these products reach the children who need them most. Like Unicef-santas. To advertise that Unicef does this, Forsman and Bodenfors time travelled back to year 0 in Bethlehem and spied on the three wise men as they pondered what kids like these days. The more things change, the more they are the same.

Unicef - Three wise men

The campaign doesn't end there. After christmas, Maria tries to return some myrr. Bad ju-ju keeping a symbol of death around, I say. But of course she can't. She has no receipt.

Unicef Christmas - Maria

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    irony: myrrh and frankincense have been used as a traditional medicines for centuries.

    Dec 12, 2012

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