Warm wishes from the nastiest commenters in Ad Land

Oh hey, what do we have here - Warm wishes from Ad Land?
Adfreak points out : "'Warm Wishes From Ad Land' presents some choice anonymous comments left on ad blogs AgencySpy, Ads of the World and Campaign Brief. (None are from the Adland blog itself, or from AdFreak for that matter.) The potty-mouthed trolls spew syntactically daring slime of a frequently scatological nature in response to blog posts about new campaigns, executive hires and account moves. Deadpan recitations of the rants are accompanied by jolly seasonal graphics and a tinny version of 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas.'"

It's a few of the crew over at BBH New York that made this website, yanking choice gutter comments from the adblogs mentioned. One can click through to each ad mentioned and find it in context.

Tim Nolan, the interactive group cd who heads up BBH Labs, tells AdFreak: "As we approach that time of year where we all wish each other the warmest, we thought we would look at how we, as an industry, extend our 'warm wishes' throughout the year and under the veil of anonymity."

Yes, the anonymous comments in the advertising world. They have always been rather nasty, as the adword is fulled with utter pricks. Back in the nineties a Swedish website by Raket reklambyrå was overflowing with petty name calling, and in Canada a lady known as Wanda hosted Teabaggers/Circlejerk where frustrated creatives got to freak out with the cussing and gossiping. Some blogs have made such venom in the comments their 'brand' even, now world renowned for being a cesspool of cunts. Is there more anon trolling these days than it used to be? We discussed this with creatives around the world earlier this year in "The ad hominem attacks on the ad critics" series: 'how many awards have you won lately?'. Luke Sullivan wondered is the internet only home to trolls these days, while Johhny pondered Are trolls simply uncreative?, meanwhile Dave Trott suggested trolls were just little children to be ignored until they can discuss like adults.

.....Or you know, glorified in christmas cards, as I'm sure this is making someones day even if it aims to shame. "OMG I AM ON ADFREAK sorta". Congrats, anonymous commenter. Well done. You may retire now.

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