Ntropic colorist Marshall Plante recently collaborated on Color with director Marc Klasfeld for a new music video featuring Cee Lo Green & The Muppets, entitled “All I Need is Love."

The premise reminds me of Bing Crosby and David Bowie's unlikely meeting to sing "Little Drummer Boy," from way back when. Except this is Cee Lo Green, which means it sounds less schmaltzy and more like Outkast meets Phil Spector. In other words, a Cee Lo Green song. With production that will never be described as "subtle."

The song even borrows a riff from the porn song turned original 1970's Muppet song: Manah Manah.

Oh. Too much music geekery for you? Sorry. Let's go back to the video.
It also has The Office's Craig Robinson in it as the actual Santa. Seeing a Cee Lo muppet is straight up dopeness. As well as a special cherry on top: Statler and Waldorf: the two old grumpy muppets who used to sit in the balcony of the original Muppets Show, mocking everything in their wake. They're the best.

"Santa's my homie."

Production Company: RockHard Films Director: Marc Klasfeld DP: Damian Acevedo Postproduction Company: Ntropic Colorist: Marshall Plante Producer: Natalie Westerfield