The bummer about listening to music is that it's no longer a collective experience. We have our ear buds jammed permanently in our earholes and that's that. But HMDX is out to change that with its Jam Bluetooth Wireless Speakers.

Connect your mobile, ipad or ipod (who has an ipod these days?) or any bluetooth capable device and bam. Instaparty in the streets.

This is the brand's first advertising effort, courtesy of Woods Witt Dealy & Sons. It was directed by Anthony Mandler, who has also directed music videos for such notables as Lana Del Rey and Jay-Z.

In the spot we see our demographic, city kids, hanging out in the city doing nothing. you know. the usual. Until one kid on a skateboard comes to save us all by yelling "Spread the jam," and giving us a not-so-subtle product demonstration of the Jam speakers. And then! Kids throw jam. On each other. On cars. On squares (read: people with jobs) in suits. Kinda like a Disney version of Occupy Wall Street.

You'd think with all this jam throwing the actual product would get dirty. But nope, throughout the spot it remains clean and unjammed (per client's request, no doubt). It's all set to some euro-dancey kinda sorta but not really dub-steppy kind of beat that I'm sure is some latest song by someone somebody cares about but I don't.

You know, I can't help but think this feels a lot like the adidas Originals work that has come out over the last four years. The difference though is that in the adidas work, there are celebrities, and everyone at street party doesn't stop their jamming to cheer after a huge banner ad rolls down the side of a building.

Chief Creative Officers: Harry Woods, Gill Witt Art Director: Anais La Rocca Copywriter: Bevan Mahoney Producers: Broadcast: Hyatt Choate Print: Jeff Greenberg Dir. Account Services: Phyllis Dealy Account Supervisor: Paolo F. Sarno Production Company: Black Hand Director: Anthony Mandler Typography Illustrator: Pablo Delcan Web Designer/Engineer: Dan Gearity Web Production Co: Daughter Productions

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  • Lady Gray's picture
    Lady Gray (not verified)

    Like a horrible pun gone bad.

    Dec 19, 2012
  • kidsleepy's picture

    Is there any other kind of pun than a horrible one?

    Dec 20, 2012